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    Why Indian Local Businesses must use Free NPS® Calculator?

    “Nothing else can beat the word of mouth marketing, this is what a local or small business need to expand its reach and grow further!”

    Today in this highly competitive world every business must try to know what their customers feel about its service. Now for this, you do not need to make phone calls or ask your clients to fill a feedback form. No doubt, if we consider the behaviour of Indian consumers then most of them desire good quality product or service, or something more than what they are expecting in an economic price. So it is not easy for every business to maintain this requirement and hence they fail somewhere on their part! The best solution to this is Free NPS calculator!

    It is an Easy tool for NPS or Net Promoter Score ® measurement Survey that makes it very easy both for the businesses and customers, by a simple click one can track the customer’s respective towards recent experience with a product or service, record and show it to the businesses in an easy to calculate manner so that they can analyze their underlying processes and improve further!

    An Outlook on Net Promoter Score ® (NPS ®)

    NPS®  or Net Promoter Score ®, is used to predict the future growth of the business by measuring the current experiences of the customers. It can help you know, how your present customers are helping your business in getting potential leads by referrals. If your customers are happy, there is a high possibility they will speak about your business and promote through word of mouth. Local Indian businesses must use this trick to get an idea about how their future looks in the market and as a chance to correct any mistakes. For example, after using the service or buying a product it might ask the consumer a simple question like – “How likely would you recommend the business to your known ones?” Now, to answer it, the customer needs to rate on a scale of 0-10 points. In the example in the image below, 0 indicates not likely and 10 indicates most likely



    What makes Net Promoter Score Highly Important for the Businesses?

    An NPS® score is necessary to find the different aspects essential for a business as under;

    • The customer service level.
    • Result of a customer’s experience.
    • Probability of positive online reviews.
    • Idea about the Customer Loyalty.
    • Chances of growth in the business due to referrals.

    How Free NPS® calculator works?

    You need to learn about how a calculation is being done using Free NPS calculator for measuring the net promoter score. It can help you know more on the basics and its importance for a business, especially start-ups or those who are focusing on a local area! One might think that NPS® is simply an average of all the customer ratings during the survey. But in actual, NPS® is completely different!

    Here, the calculation is divided in chunks and done in the following manner. According to the feedback or answers, the customers are divided into three different categories, namely Detractors (who have given a score between 0-6), Passives (who have given either 7 or 8), and Promoters (people who have given the score of 9 or 10).


    Now you can guess by the name ‘promoters’ who help in Free marketing of your business by ‘telling’ about your positives. They can simply be labelled as ‘Brand Advocates’ through personal experiences, which is 100% real and authentic. Passives are the group of customers who are satisfied enough but not up to the level who can work as your brand promoters. They generally don’t find anything good or bad in the service and hence there are less chances that a business will gain referrals from this category of customers.

    Hence, during the NPS® calculation this category can be avoided! But it doesn’t mean they should be completely ignored. After all, they are at the boundary between your Promoters and Detractors, So it is up to you to figure, how will you work to please them and try sliding them in the category of Prospective Promoters.

    The last but an important category is of Detractors who have rated the service between 0 to 6 and higher chances they might passively harm a business growth. These are the group of customers who are not very happy with the past service and might also ‘speak about it’ to not use it.

    A Common Strategy to Calculate Net Promoter Score ® for Local Business

    Using an Easy tool for NPS is all about finding out the percentage of people who are more likely to recommend a service or business to others. So during the calculation the percentage of detractors were subtracted from the percentage of promoters. In this way you will finally get an NPS score.

    For example, if there are a study on 50 customers, out of them 30 have included under promoters, 10 under passives and 10 under detractors. So the NPS score will be 30(Extremely happy customers) -10 (Disappointed customers) = 20!

    After getting a score it can be further breakdown into different ranges as following;

    >= 71 – Exceptional

    >=31 to <=70 – Good

    >=30 to <=1 – Average

    >=-100 to <=0 – Poor

    It varies from one industry to another, like the calculation of Net Promoter Score for automotive dealers might be different than Net Promoter Score for Hospitals! Ultimately, this score indicates a simple number for businesses to understand the future sales and growth by more probability of increase in the amount of customers!

    7 Additional Benefits of NPS for Businesses

    Other than finding out the customer loyalty there are some more hidden advantages of having Good Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) for your business. Here are they;

    1. Increase team spirit to focus on increase NPS®.
    2. To know the right customers for the growth of a business.
    3. Helps to find the areas of improvement in offering products or services.
    4. Quick to use and user-friendly.
    5. Classifies customers and allows managers to plan their future strategy.
    6. Ensures business growth and rule out among competitors.
    7. Reduce customers churn and builds a good brand image.

    Bottom Line

    Today’s method of shopping is way different than what used to happen traditionally. Due to the affordability of Internet, shoppers prefer to first go online and check for the reviews and ratings regarding a product and service before finalizing anyone/anything. Which directly indicates an important fact for businesses: How necessary it is to satisfy current customers to gain future leads!

    NPS® is a great way to track your business performance of one or multiple locations. A Free NPS® calculator offers insights on how powerful a business is through word of mouth marketing. It is a good approach helpful in improving a business by increasing the net promoter score, ploughing a path to becoming a market leader! Therefore, Net Promoter Score is a must for local businesses to understand customer loyalty and satisfaction. It should be calculated using best and simple NPS measurement tool with concise and clear metrics and which does not need much calculation. It is very easy to understand by anyone and hence will most likely be passed on internally for further optimization purpose.